Monday, March 25, 2013

Sew Addicted...

If you read the last post, you know by now that my latest & greatest hobby is now sewing. I've spent a pretty penny buying a sewing machine, notions, tons of patterns, and some very lovely fabric. My very first fabric purchase was from Joann's for a free online sewing class taught by Mimi G. My first major fabric haul was made in New York Garment District. Yesterday I finally made a major fabric purchase in my home city of Chicago. Where did I go? Textile Discount Outlet. Honey let me tell ya, I was like a kid in a candy store! A crackhead at the 5 o'clock free crack giveaway! I was in fabric heaven! I must admit, when I first walked through the first floor, I was a bit overwhelmed. But I quickly got past that & started pulling down rolls if fabric! Then I ventured to the second floor....Sweet Jesus!! That overwhelming feeling came back! Fabric just everywhere! It took everything in my not to take off my coat & just roll around in fabric! I spent almost two hours in this place & didn't venture into the basement. I hear its a treasure trove! I'm saving that for my next trip! I'll be better prepared for my next trip: no coat, no purse, a bottle if water & a healthy little snack & hand sanitizer. Why hand sanitizer? This place is a warehouse, meaning some places are a little dusty. One can get into a lot trouble in this place! There is sooo much fabric for apparel, upholstery, costumes, etc. Also there are tons of trims & other notions as well. It is the ultimate one stop shop. The prices are phenomenal! I got some awesome printed Lycra for $4.95 per yd. see first picture. In the second pic are the printed charmuese for $3.95 per yd. the third pic is some denim cotton type fabric that was also $3.95 per yd that I can't wait to make a cute little dress or romper out of that will look really cute with the new June Ambrose 'Diana' sandals I just ordered! Last but not least, the 4th pic is a vinyl remnant piece I found in a bin on the second floor. I'm gonna try to make an OBI belt out if it. Because it was a remnant & had what appeared to be 'wipe able' stains on it, was only $1.50!! That's a huge piece! I could probably make a few belts. My only concern is, it's just a wee bit stiff for an OBI belt but I'm gonna try it anyway! Mimi G has a quick & easy tutorial for this belt in her YouTube & the free printable pattern for it on her blog. Check her out:
She has been my inspiration for sewing!
TaTa for now!
NOTICE: this stupid blogger app posted my pics out of order. Sorry for the confusion!


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