Monday, March 25, 2013

Sew Addicted...

If you read the last post, you know by now that my latest & greatest hobby is now sewing. I've spent a pretty penny buying a sewing machine, notions, tons of patterns, and some very lovely fabric. My very first fabric purchase was from Joann's for a free online sewing class taught by Mimi G. My first major fabric haul was made in New York Garment District. Yesterday I finally made a major fabric purchase in my home city of Chicago. Where did I go? Textile Discount Outlet. Honey let me tell ya, I was like a kid in a candy store! A crackhead at the 5 o'clock free crack giveaway! I was in fabric heaven! I must admit, when I first walked through the first floor, I was a bit overwhelmed. But I quickly got past that & started pulling down rolls if fabric! Then I ventured to the second floor....Sweet Jesus!! That overwhelming feeling came back! Fabric just everywhere! It took everything in my not to take off my coat & just roll around in fabric! I spent almost two hours in this place & didn't venture into the basement. I hear its a treasure trove! I'm saving that for my next trip! I'll be better prepared for my next trip: no coat, no purse, a bottle if water & a healthy little snack & hand sanitizer. Why hand sanitizer? This place is a warehouse, meaning some places are a little dusty. One can get into a lot trouble in this place! There is sooo much fabric for apparel, upholstery, costumes, etc. Also there are tons of trims & other notions as well. It is the ultimate one stop shop. The prices are phenomenal! I got some awesome printed Lycra for $4.95 per yd. see first picture. In the second pic are the printed charmuese for $3.95 per yd. the third pic is some denim cotton type fabric that was also $3.95 per yd that I can't wait to make a cute little dress or romper out of that will look really cute with the new June Ambrose 'Diana' sandals I just ordered! Last but not least, the 4th pic is a vinyl remnant piece I found in a bin on the second floor. I'm gonna try to make an OBI belt out if it. Because it was a remnant & had what appeared to be 'wipe able' stains on it, was only $1.50!! That's a huge piece! I could probably make a few belts. My only concern is, it's just a wee bit stiff for an OBI belt but I'm gonna try it anyway! Mimi G has a quick & easy tutorial for this belt in her YouTube & the free printable pattern for it on her blog. Check her out:
She has been my inspiration for sewing!
TaTa for now!
NOTICE: this stupid blogger app posted my pics out of order. Sorry for the confusion!

Makeup By Joi

Hello! I'm posting in regards to my dear friend Joi today. She's a MUA in the great city of New York and she's an aspiring YouTube Vlogger. I had the chance to visit her for my birthday weekend last month and we had a blast. Did we party? Nope! Just shopped in the garment district, ate, did some touristy stuff and I did I mention that we ate?! LOL! I finally got a chance to eat at the infamous Sylvia's in Harlem and it was DE-LISH!!! I can't wait to go back to visit her. It was my first time in the Big Apple and I enjoyed myself immensely. So much so, that I actually made a list of what to accomplish on the next trip and what to repeat! Here is a link to her latest video that is apart of a series she is doing for makeup basics.

So go ahead and take a lil gander over there and show my buddy some support by subscribing! We would greatly appreciate it!

TaTa for now!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Hobby

Ok I know I need to blog more. I will try to do better. Perhaps my new hobby will help with that! What is my new hobby? Sewing! If you know me, you would've never guessed that. But then! So I will start off with pics of my fabric haul from NYC @ my pattern haul from my hometown. The pattern pics will be posted later!