Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello Bloggsters!!!
Just wanted to share some beauty tips for applying false eyelashes. I have to constantly remind my clients of these things to remain healthy looking lashes while wearing falsies:
1. Never ever allow someone to apply false lashes with hair glue! BIG NO NO!
2. Always brush your own eyelashes when your not wearing false ones.
3. Purchase a eyelash conditioner to apply on lashes in between wearing false lashes
4. Never pull off false lashes to remove them use lash remover or seek a professional
5. Never allow somone to clump lash glue on your eye when applying lashes trying to create that "NEWYORK' look. This will make it harder to remove the falsies and you are likely pulling off your real ones in the process.
6. Always go for a natural look that compliments you.
7. Don't not wear lashes consistently, give your eyes and real lashes a break
8. Remember your real lashes shed just like the hair on your head, don't be alarm to see your own lashes shed this is very normal.
9. Have your lashes applied by a licensed professional only, Nail techs are not licensed to apply lashes!
10. When someone is doing great work on you, always refer their business, dont be afraid to tip and be considerate of their time as you should expect the same:)


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