Monday, January 18, 2010


Ok, so like I promised, here is how I store my mini makeup collection. I wanted to go with a uniform setup. I adore all things clear/acrylic! It just gives that whole clean and clear appearance.  The Container Store had everything I was looking for when it came to the 'clear' look for storage.

First item,

3 Drawer Box (Clear plastic) $9.99

Love this little number! I can see everything. No tacky labels here! I don't plan on having a gigantic collection so these are perfect for my pigments and shadow quads along with lip glosses, lipsticks, balms, etc. These are perfect for small pigments jars because they can be stacked in one drawer.
Sorry for the sideways action! But in the above photo I have 5 gram jars stacked in 2 layers along with some NYX glitters and shadows stacked as well on the left side.

Letter Rack (Clear) $5.99
I searched high and low for a CLEAR letter/file holder for my palette storage! And here it was right under my nose at my favorite store! This is shorter than the average letter holders you find in the office supply stores. That is what I love about TCS! They carry some of the most unique items. This little baby holds approximately 5 palettes. Since I love palettes and plan on pressing some of my pigments into palettes for traveling, I will be purchasing another one of these!
Ahhh, so neat and petite!

Pencil Cup (Clear) $5.99

Just what it says. This will be for my pencil liners and shade sticks.

OPI Nail Polish Rack $0.00

Yes you read it correctly! Free courtesy of a good friend of mine and my nail lady! It not only holds OPI polish but NYX and Sinful Colors. The OPI Nicole line does not fit into this holder. You can find nail polish racks all over eBay for reasonable prices. But before you take that route, check with you local nail salon to see if they have any leftovers that they are discarding. Free is the best way to go if you can!

Brush Holder $14.99
This little number came from another favorite store of mine, Michaels. I had a coupon by the way! This is made of glass and it required 2 bags of vase filler to hold my brushes. The brushes are from Avon and Coastal Scents and a bronzer brush that came with a free J Lo bronzer I got years ago with a perfume purchase.

4 Compartment Canister (The Container Store) $7.99
I could not find a link with a product description on the TCS website for some reason. So I gave it a 'name'! I love this box. It was perfect for holding makeup sponges, cotton balls, cotton swabs and cotton pads.

Soft Plastic Container $1.00

I fell in love with these containers when I first ran across them at the local dollar store! I purchased a gazillion of them to use for gift baskets for my soapsicles. I have a few left over so decided the other day I would use one for facial cleansing products to make room in one of 'Face' drawer for non-cleansing face products. They come in a square shape as well. Some have patterns like stripes and flowers. Most of them are neon colored. Trust me, I brought every color and pattern and shape I could find in the aisle!

Chrome and Glass Rack $ ???

I simply adore this rack! I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it, but I wanna say it was probably in the neighborhood of $15-$30. It wasn't very pricey at all. I found this little number at Target years ago in the bathroom section. The top rack holds all of my perfumes. The middle rack holds all of the matching body creams/lotions and the bottom rack holds all of my pedicure goodies along with misc hand lotions and body sprays. Next to it is one of the many loves of my life, my jewelry armoire. 

Can't you tell I'm obsessed with good storage?! Can't help it, I've got a slight touch of OCD when it comes to storage!

Well that is all for now my lovelies. As promised I will have those swatches up soon. I will be starting out with my sample haul from TKB Trading.

Ta ta for now!


mademoisellemichele said...

Your make-up organization is "Simply Lovely" and I love it! I'm always looking for ideas to make things better for organizing. I really like the clear letter holder you got from TCS! Great post!!

My Lovely One said...

Thank you so much! I like to stick to a 'theme' when organizing and I felt 'clear' was chic and perfect for a makeup/vanity set up!

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