Monday, January 18, 2010

Storage Tips

While I'm on the subject of storage today, I decided that I would offer up a little advice about cosmetic storage. I know some of you are probably wondering, why my pics in the previous post appeared to be in different areas of the house. Well, heres why: You should never store makeup in the bathroom. I keep my palettes in my bedroom away from the heat vent. Which reminds me I need to move my perfume rack! You shouldn't keep perfume near any heat source and that includes direct sunlight. Why, you might ask? Because heat/direct sunlight reduces the life span of perfumes/colognes. As much money I've invested over the years in good products, they WILL be moved soon! I recently had new carpet installed so I took advantage of the situation and rearranged my bedroom, and that's how the rack got stuck in front of the heat vent. Why shouldn't you keep makeup in the bathroom? It's simple, think about it. What happens when you take a shower? Steam, which is basically moisture! You do not want these two elements to destroy your prized collection! This will only cause bacteria to form on your products and I don't think I know anyone who wants to purposely put bacteria on their face! The only things I keep in the bathroom are facial cleansers of course and my pigments and some shadows. I know this is completely opposite of what I just said but for space saving I had no choice. I only placed the pigments and shadows that were tightly sealed in jars in the clear drawers in the bathroom. My brushes and palettes are in my bedroom far away from the moisture! I had to make a choice because I was running out of space in my bedroom. So I decided to put ONLY tightly sealed makeup items in the clear drawers in the bathroom.

So my lovelies, if you are just starting out like me, or you've been at this for a while, carefully plan where you are going store your prized possessions!

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